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  Despite its cumbersome language and lengthy soliloquies, William Shakespeare's Othello offers timeless themes and plot twists that can still be enjoyed by contemporary audiences--- once we are able to transcend a marked language barrier and fully understand the Bard's English. Othello is set some four hundred years ago in sixteenth-century Venice yet the play's themes of love, jealousy, racism, and betrayal continue to ignite passions and wage war on the modern landscape.  The dark-skinned Commander Othello leads his officers with confident authority into combat, but off the battlefield, he is hardly in control -- not even of his own life. The insecurities which come along with being a social outsider make Othello easy prey for the villainous Iago, and ultimately lead to a deadly showdown which pits friend against friend and husband against wife. And while such a treacherous plot may seem easy (and even exciting!) enough for today's audiences to grasp, students of Shakespeare often experience difficulty studying Othello as a scholarly text--one about which they must write some of the most trying essays of their academic careers! But academic anguish ends and genuine help OthelloEssays.Com. Whatever aspect of this classic tragedy you're writing about, whatever thesis you're trying to prove, THIS WEBSITE HAS AN ESSAY THAT WILL HELP YOU COMPLETE YOUR OWN! Click HERE to start!!!!....

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